Family time is very important; it gives parents the chance to relax and de-stress, and it is essential for a child’s mental growth and overall wellbeing. So if you’re not getting enough time together as a family, it can have far-reaching negative effects for everyone – but thankfully this is avoidable, even if you have an ultra-busy family with lots of different commitments.

Do you want to spend more quality time with your children and partner? If so, here are four ways to fit more family time into your life.

Have Kitchen Time

Try to make kitchen time with your children at least once a week. Gather together to make a simple meal that everyone can help out with, such as noodles (or go to an affordable restaurant like Neds Noodle Bar so you can focus on the conversation!), and give everyone a task to complete (such as stirring the mix or washing cutlery). While everyone is working away, they can still have a good chat.

If the kids don’t seem like they want to talk about their day, no problem; instead, play a fun word game like Would You Rather or the Word Association Game.

Take Advantage Of The Tools You Have

If you are struggling to find free time for your family, consider taking advantage of the tools you have. Maybe your babysitter offers a school drop off service, or maybe your local shop can deliver your food shop to your house. These small favours can make day to day life a lot easier, and any extra free time you gain can be spent with the kids. A win-win situation for any busy parent!

Create A New Family Tradition

We all know the classic family traditions, such as a Sunday roast or Friday fish and chips – but these routines don’t work well for a lot of families, especially if the parents work unusual hours. If this is the case for you, consider creating some of your own family traditions.

For instance, you could try Toast Time on Saturday; toast is very quick and easy to make, unlike pancakes or a fry up, so it is much easier to commit to. In fact, the kids can even make the toast themselves while you make cups of tea! This will give you and your children guaranteed bonding time every week, and it will also create a routine that your children can rely on (which can help to reduce feelings of stress or anxiety).

Make Double Portions Of Everything

Reduce cooking time by making double portions of everything. So instead of making one lasagne for dinner, make two so that everyone has lunch for the next day. This means you will spend far less time cooking when you are at home, so you will have more free time to spend with your little ones (and it is likely that your kids will be happy to chow down on a hearty family meal instead of a school lunch!).

How Families Can Spend More Time Together