When you become a parent you are blissfully unaware of the birthday party challenge that awaits. The ability to organise and run a child’s birthday party is a terrifying challenge to be tackled and mastered.

There are many surprises in store and by the time your child has made it his or her 7th birthday you will have become something of an expert. Not only will you be able to pick a date and host your own child’s birthday bash without incident but you will start to develop a party-persona when your child is a guest at a young buddy’s party. Do you recognise yourself as one of these?

Gets the inviation and thinks “Yippee! Two hours free childcare” He or she is first to arrive, drop and run. Also last to pick up!

Accepts every party invite, stays for the whole duration and moans the whole way through.

Super Helper
This mum or dad instantly offers to help with the food, comforting children, toilet trips, grabs a bin bag and starts tidying away ten minutes before the end.

She or he never really gets out nowadays. An invite is an invite and a kids party is better than no party. Chats to everyone, laughs the loudest, wishes there was wine and is very busy suggesting a mums or dads night out.

Funny Big Kid
This party person fully commits, joins in with everything and has a brilliant time playing with the kids. Often seen on the bouncy castle or cross-legged in a circle, playing pass the parcel.

Invisible Mum / Dad
Who is that? She or he drops their child outside, makes no eye contact with any other parents. Disappears without speaking to anyone. Nobody ever sees there child leave.

Which party parent type am I?

I am totally a Super Helper! Tell me in a comment or tweet me @Cheshire_Claire which party parent type are you?

Oh and the worse thing about children’s parties after hosting them and attending them … party bags but don’t get me started on those!