Unbelievably the artist formally known as Baby G, now self titled as Diva G will be starting school in September.  As a sibling and an October birthday she is very excited and ready for this next milestone.  The step into education is one which will last 14 years.  It’s her first big step into independence and a huge milestone for us all, our family will develop and adjust as Diva G starts in reception and Lil H starts in Y3 in the Juniors.

I love capturing my children’s milestones in photographs so here is a nostalgic look back at Diva G over the last four years.

Baby G on her first birthday holding a newborn photo of herself.

First Birthday Holding New Born Pic

Age Two – hello Peppa Pig, Dolls, Keys and Jigsaws – just some of her favourite things.

Age two

Scooting, dancing, Barbie, Princesses and shopping are just some of the things she loved aged three.

age three

Then last year just before she turned four years old she started at Pre-school.

age four

There are lots of things to do before September that will get Diva G prepared and ready for her first day.  She has settling sessions in June, school uniform to try on and order, a lunch box and water bottle to choose and school shoes to be fitted. Then it’s time to get the camera ready, the milestone captured and the education started.

Between now and then I shall be making the most of my “Mummy Days” on a Friday and getting inspiration mostly from Pinterest for how I am going to capture Diva G’s first day, of so many, at school.