Off on holiday
Yes indeedy, with the exception of one three day shopping trip to Milan with the girls this family unit have only ever been to Cornwall on holiday – until our imminent departure when we will be boarding a flight bound for Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt with a very nearly 3 year old H and 5 months old Baby G! 

Here’s is the current status of packing – yeah exactly – not good!

The truth is I’ve been too scared to brave a plane with them. *whispers* I used to be one of those people who prayed kids didn’t sit near me when they boarded *hangs head* But hey, whatever, we’re doing it!  I’m sure not going to make any friends on the flight but equally sure I won’t see any of them again either!  Anyway I thought I’d write a post of links and lists that helped me for everyone and anyone planning to head overseas with toddlers and babies.

Getting Childrens Passports
My little ones’ didn’t have passports but it wasn’t difficult, the until we decided to take the plunge and take this trip to Egypt. 

  • For information about passports and application process go here
  • To apply online go here you fill the application out online, it is posted out to you for signing and returning with the  required associated items – photographs, including one signed as being a correct likeness & birth certificates etc.
  • OK the childrens photo’s – tried the photo booth in Tescos – failed!  Discovered Paspic where you follow their guidance and take your own photo at home – result!  The images are checked to meet the required criteria and 4 x photos are sent back to you for the bargain price of £3.95 for a UK/European passport.  I simply stood H in front of a white wall and laid G on a white sheet with a pillow underneath – job done.  Love this service, shall be doing my own when it comes to renewal!

Packing for a family holiday
We’re staying in a hotel, we don’t need to take car seats and I have checked beach towels are supplied, my best mate has bought my nappies and baby formula however I still appear to be trying to ram the contents of my home into two bags!  I am even taking a bath – no joke!  Its showers only in Egypt but my lovely mate Becky over at Lord and Lady Tantrum has just had the first UK shipment of the much raved about in the US Puj Tub so we are going to be giving it a whirl (I feel a Vlog review in its future!)

Anyway check your luggage allowance we are flying Thomas Cook and have paid the extra for 20kg per person with a seat, Baby G also gets a complementary 10kg however her requirements are in excess of this!  What I am hoping to be able to fit into this baggage allowance *prays for a kind person at check in*: 

  • The stuff we are going nowhere without – passports, e-tickets, cash & credit cards!
  • The basics – knickers, bras & socks
  • Washbag & make up bag
  • 10 outfits for each child
  • 5 outfits in mix & match combo’s for each adult
  • Sun & swimsuits & armbands
  • Baby carrier – I have my snugbaby (don’t forget to vote for me & G!)
  • Snooze shade (review to follow!)
  • H’s Trunki – filled with personal DVD player, sticker & story books & snacks
  • Nappy bag with the usuals plus bottles plus a change of top for me (puke anticipation/prevention!) 
  • Buggy (review to follow!) next time you see this bad boy the backdrop & kids clothes will be very different

Cosatto You2

I have to confess to being more than a little anxious about restricted liquids on planes and what the score is on taking baby feeds on board , here is what I know about this one – you could be asked to snip open any cardboard packet of pre-prepared baby milk or juice so we’re going to carry G’s formula milk as powder. 

Baby milk/food/equipment permitted
Empty containers such as empty bottles, beakers or flasks
Baby milk (tasted by the passenger)
Sterilised baby water (tasted by the passenger)
Baby juice (tasted by the passenger)
Baby food in liquid, gel or paste form (tasted by the passenger)
Baby food powder (need not be tasted)
Pushchairs are permitted and will be x-rayed

And last but by no means least here’s my travelling pharmacy:

  • To treat diarrhoea – Dioralyte sachets, Imodium melts & Kaolin for kids
  • Calpol & neurofen sachets
  • Teething releif
  • Milton tablets for sterilizing
  • Plasters & antiseptic cream
  • Antiseptic wipes
  • Hand gels
  • Adult pain relief – Paracetamol & Ibuprofen
  • Piriton syrup for kids (anti-histimine)
  • Phenergan (anti-histimine, also sedative for night flight home)
  • Zirtec or claritan for adults (anti-histimine)
  • Bug repellent – we’re taking a Love Bug (review to follow!) & jungle formula room plug in
  • Strong UV cream
  • Sun block stick
  • Beach shoes / jelly sandles
  • Sun hats
  • Arm bands
  • Zantac for indigestion
  • Sun tent

Have I forgetten anything?!  Probably nothing I can’t buy but tips, links to posts on holidaying etc. please do comment & share. 

So with that lot crammed into two suitcases, then our car, then dragged through Manchester Airport, with a few swear words thrown in for good measure, we should be on our way to sunnier climes!