Given that I wear my hair everyday I honestly don’t give it anywhere near the TLC and consideration it deserves.  Do you?  A girls night out or a special event and I’ll give it some time and that’s when I tend to think, I really should have got it cut and/or coloured.  Always too late.

My pre-children days saw me have my hair done every 8 weeks but two or three hours in a salon just gets trickier and trickier with one and then two smalls around.  Anyway I’m married with two small children so no one’s looking at me, right?  Its really easy to fall into that attitude when you work from home, behind a screen and only leave the house for the school run, trips to the park, coffee shops and baby music classes.  It doesn’t make it right!

So when Regis invited me to my nearest salon, which extremely conveniently happens to be in my local department store Hoopers of Wilmslow, a whole 15 minute walk away from my house I jumped at the chance.  I can’t be the only one making less effort on the appearance stakes since having children?  So with the intimidating new school run to contend with, a life plan to role switch with my other half to boost our bank balance and my self esteem a “new do” seemed like a great idea.


I had a great afternoon in the Regis Salon, they priortisie great biscuits, I like this a lot!  They know a lot about colour and we picked out a fabulous colour, highlights, a conditioning treatment then gave me a cut and blow.  I literally bounced out of there feeling and looking great.  I bounced into a BBQ with friends to lots of compliments and felt great as lil H started at reception and at work meetings.  Bouncy hair, bouncy Claire!   But every one looks great when they step out of the salon, so the proof for me is always after you left – a good cut should be do-able at home and a semi permanet colour improve the condition and shine and it does.  Ta Dah!  Here’s my new hair style by me!  So what do you think?

Self Styled Me By Regis

Note to self must get my hair done more often it makes me smile.  A lot.

A huge thank you to Roger and the team at Regis in Hoopers of Wilmslow for treating me like a Princess and treating me to my new hair do in exchange for this review.  The PR’s are watching this post in their search for more bloggers to review their salon services so make sure you leave a comment so they can find you if they need to!

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