This morning I am getting myself together – it involves a lot of lists.  Lil H is now in school full time as of yesterday, Baby G is off shopping with my mum, I have a great social media project on the go and a house I’m doing up.  My hands are full to overflowing.  I have posts to write, review posts, posts for me and for others.  So here’s what’s going to be coming up on Cheshire Mum, in no particular order …

Lil H’s and his new ears – we had surgery, it went well, the boy did good!

Lil H starts school – so proud of my guy

Baby G turns 2 years old – yep its true, 14th October 2011 Baby G gets promoted to Diva G

The best thing in my kitchen is my Stokke Tripp Trapp – Fact!

My morning yesterday at The Radisson Edwardian Sienna Spa

Have you been to The Land of Me?  We have!

We’ve also been to the BBC and they have a fab new website for grown ups

I am having a coat crisis and Elizabeth Haydn is going to help me and you with the Autumn/Winter switch over

Listography of my favourite Galt Toys

Listography of my favourite Orchard Toys

I am massively behind on my photo’s but will sort with Photobox

I’ve received a Glossybox last week – just getting it made me happy!

The lovely Cara has upgraded Baby G to a SnoozeShade Plus too

My favourite “Zero points” diet soup recipe – its 95 days to Christmas folks, no really it is!

I’ve like to get all this written before next Monday, because next Monday I am heading to The Lowry to a Blog event with Kelloggs

But before I do any of those I am going to write 100 words for Save the Children, if you haven’t already signed the petition please make sure you do.

The challenge is set!  Then I’m going to bring you all up to speed with The New House!