Sea Life Manchester

Sea Life Manchester unveiled their latest exhibition just before Easter ‘CLAWS’ – see what they did there?! Who knew crabs and crustaceans could be so colourful, so strong and so big?!

The Rainbow Crabs dazzle with their bright shells. The Mantis Shrimp has a punch as powerful as .22 bullet with a claw that travels the equivalent of 100kph. There’s also Claude, a Giant Tasmanian Crab, which when fully grown will eventually weigh in at an astounding 13.5kg and will be just under a meter wide.

Sea Life Manchester Rainbow Crabs

We’ve never been to Sea Life Manchester before and enjoyed discovering all the tanks and learning about their residents. The aquarium has over 5,000+ creatures to discover including sharks, seahorses, octopus, jellyfish and rays.

Sea Life Manchester Rays

Children who are eight and older can get up close and personal with an extra special sea trek experience where they can walk the sea bed of the main tank. Wearing a special wetsuit, a helmet is gently lowered on as you descend into the water. Submerged you are able to walk around inside a giant tank full of fish, huge but friendly stingrays, turtles and even sharks are all swimming around the tank for ten amazing minutes. Don’t worry you are accompanied by an experienced diver giving a type of under water tour pointing out the different creatures as they get close and as far as the sharks go, they are harmless and actually quite shy!


Entry to Sea Life is £12.50 with children under three granted free entry, to do the incredible seabed walk is £60 which includes full entry to Sea Life, don’t forget your swim wear and a towel!

You can purchase your tickets here