*** UPDATE:  Trunki are running a Christmas present giveaway on their facebook page from the 1st -12th December 2011 – where they’ll be giving away lots and lots of treats, worth a visit!  ;o) ***

We have known about Trunkis in this house since they first pitched on Dragon’s Den and we have been proud owners for as long as we have had children and we now have more Trunki items that we have children!  Lil H has had one of the original Terrance Trunki suitcases since before he was one, already planning big adventures from such a young age.  Diva G has Trunki Harley the Ladybug Ride-on Suitcase (Limited Edition), they both have Trunki Yondi head huggers, the predessor to Snoozihedz for the car, H also has a saddle bag for an even comfier ride through the airport.  Here is, back then Baby G, delighted dare I say overjoyed by her Trunki gifts last Christmas!









A new addition to the Trunki collection is always welcome and so was the email from the lovely PR people for Trunki asking if I would like to review the new Trunkisaurus range – rar!  Yes, please that would be most brilliant!  Now Lil H is at school we have daily homework and a requirement for a pencil case, the scattered pens are a Diva G artwork waiting to happen, usually on walls!  So the travel chums 3-in-1 is there’s a pencil case, a wash bag and a cute purse, they all have clips to keep them safe too.  Purses and for boys I have found being like searching for hens teeth this one has fierce dino fangs and spikes!  Rar, again!

Trunki also sent us a a Dino 3-in-1 Tote bag which fits in one side of the Trunki, it can also be lifted out and clipped on to the seat in front for easier access to its contents, it comes with a shoulder strap too.  We keep all Lil H’s phonic’s, writing and flash cards in here now so they can go along with him easily to grandma’s for a sleepover or away on hols.  It helps to keep the morning 10 minutes of homework routine going not to mention keeping them out of reach of the whirlwind of a 2 year old.  So advent nears and Christmas shopping gets into full swing don’t forget to check out all the fab ideas and accessories from Trunki – as you can see they get our thumbs up, every home should have at least one Trunki something!   Take a minute to check out their online viral take of “A night at the Museum with Trunkisaurus Rex” Enjoy!

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