I haven’t posted in The Gallery for ages, this is my first this year.  I don’t get around to doing pretty much most things I want to these days.  This weeks theme, Simple Pleasures, struck a cord with me. 

We’ve had a really busy half term we have play dated, been to the cinema, eaten out, been swimming, to the park and attended a great blog event hosted by Nutella at Stockley Farm (opens to the public this Sunday 6th March).  The highlight for me, the lifetime memory if you like, was the afternoon a cat wandered into our garden and the children tried to herd it!

My Children have seen cats before, they have stroked cats before.  This has happened before – same cat, same garden, same children.  Just for some reason this time they were bothenraptured by it.  Baby G is now babbling away pretty much constantly with a few words in there too, her excitement was infectious and Lil H was laughing his head off.  He was being the big brother and sharing what he knows about cats (not a great deal to be honest but it was cute!) showing her how to call her over “here puss, puss” and making kissing noises at her explaining that they have claws and can scratch you if you try to pick them up by the back legs – he speaks passionately and from personal experience about this 🙂  

The cat lives in a house with four children, it is smart.  It wasn’t coming remotely close to grabbing distance but was happy to entertain Lil H and Baby G from a safe distance, rolling over and walking tantalisingly close past them!  It’s not often I get to just stand back and watch the two of them together without having to mediate, intervene, separate, reallocate toys, request apologies, deliver cuddles, food, drink etc.  I hope now they are getting older this will happen more and more and more often.  My two had a blast cat herding.  I had time to make and drink a cup of tea as well as take a load of photo’s and I had enough time to have a play on the manual settings too.  It was all good.