Wi-fi or Bluetooth? Multi-room or portable? Choosing your perfect wireless speaker is a daunting task. With spring very definitely sprung, summer is just around the corner bringing with it family and friends for BBQ’s!

You can spend as little as £50 or as much as £500, but whatever your budget, here’s what you need to consider when it comes to choosing your perfect wireless speaker to give you crystal-clear sound for your summer parties.

The checklist below should help you choose the perfect wireless speaker that will give you your money’s worth in performance, dependability, portability and convenience.

1. Go loud or go home!
Many wireless speakers are portable and therefore small which compromises the overall volume not to mention bass of the music. Striking a balance between speaker size and loudness is the most difficult task. If you want a system for the home don’t choose a portable system, your needs are for a home sound system.

2. Seamless connection
Many speakers use a Bluetooth connection to wirelessly play music stored on mobile devices, such as phones and tablets. They can also be used to enhance the sound quality of your phone or tablet, for example, you can watch a YouTube video on your tablet with the audio coming out of your Bluetooth speaker. Check out how easy it is to set up, it’s great for playing music stored on your mobile device and streamed from music services such as Spotify. But check that it doesn’t tie your phone down and also the range – often beyond 10 metres and the connection is lost, also music may stop if you receive a text or phone call when connected.

3. Battery Life
What’s the use of a wireless portable speaker if the battery runs out halfway through the party? Since it’s a portable wireless speaker, it must be able to withstand long hours of usage. Check out the battery life and make sure that’s in use and not just on standby – just like your smartphone the longer the battery life the better!

4. Additional functions
Choose a speaker that offers you the most features to go with your lifestyle and of course, give you bigger bang for your buck. For instance, wouldn’t it be great to have a waterproof speaker to enjoy by the hot tun with complete peace of mind?

5. Sound quality
Definitely last but not least, the sound quality of the speaker should be impressive. It must be able to reproduce the most accurate sound that the musicians meant for you to hear. It must also be able to reproduce all the high notes and low trebles without causing you to cringe.

With all that in mind take a look at the Wireless Speakers by Panasonic which have raised the bar combining quality, features and great looks across their range of wireless speaker products.