Last weekend I attended a blogging conference at Save The Children offices in London.  To be clear this was a completed self funded conference I went because I wanted to see how as a blogger and online socialiser I could help support their efforts as a charity.  I’d blogged back in January when the earthquake hit Haiti and I blogged and tweeted to support the Blogladesh campaign in the Summer. 

I’m going to share lots of what I learnt at the conference about why the blogosphere and social media can be so powerful for causes like save the children, why and how any and every blogger can help.  But first a do you know … ?

Save The Children would like to see if they can arrange a life swap with a child or young person from a fortunate lifestyle and a child or young person in poverty.  For the two to spend some time together, video their experiences, like “How the other half live” the Channel Four documentary.  Save the Children can then use the video content to raise the profile of the severity of the poverty gap and the issues.  Ideally we would like the more fortunate child to be from the Tatton constituency as the goal is to raise awareness with the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne who is my MP for Tatton.  I had hoped to attend one of his surgery to raise the issue and discuss it but apparently he doesn’t do surgeries – George, if you’re reading this and want to have a coffee to discuss I’d be delighted!

Do you know a child or young person that would be interested in taking part?  Please contact myself, Claire or Gareth from Save The Children: 

lancaster [dot] claire [at] gmail [dot] com
g.jenkins [at] savethechildren [dot] org [dot] uk

Let me explain why I want to you to help with this, I was so very naively surprised that Save the Children are very active in the UK.  I was even more horrified to learn that in the UK, 3.9 million children live in poverty.  Many don’t have access to warm winter clothing, nutritious food, decent housing or education.  I live in the North West, 8 miles south of Manchester city centre, Manchester and Tower Hamlets in London, have the highest  levels 27% of severe poverty.  This means that just down the road from me there are children going to sleep cold and hungry 🙁 

I’m off to pimp this post this everywhere I can and tweet it – please can I ask you to re-tweet it, send it you anyone you think may be interested, if you live in the Tatton area stick a link to it on your Facebook page.  Please and Thank you!