My Summer Solo Mummy stint is drawing to a close, not quite over, as Mr returned home last night although its just for the weekend.  I have a final additional week to go but 35 days on my own with H & G, we are all still alive and actually a very close unit of three.  It is going to take some re-adjusting back to being a quartet again! 

I can’t lie, I felt pretty sorry for myself in the beginning.  I felt quite overwhelmed at first and I would look at my friends and think “It’s alright for you, your husband comes home at night”, “It’s alright for you, your husband is around at the weekend” etc.  Then I had my first reality check when someone said to me “It’s alright for you, your mum and dad are always willing to help you”.  It’s true, my family live 15 minutes down the road and love being with their grandchildren, the grass is always greener! 

When I stopped and thought about I could think of loads that could be thrown in my direction “It’s alright for you …”  

  • You have family close by & willing to help
  • You don’t have to work full time
  • You only have two children
  • You don’t have twins
  • You don’t have a newborn baby
  • You get to go on holiday in September
  • You didn’t have to go back to work after 6 weeks
  • You don’t have post natal depression
  • Your children have their own bedrooms
  • You have a garden
  • You have a car

Then I had my second reality check, I read about the #Blogladesh trip Sian (@MummyTips), Eva (@nixdminx) and Josie (@porridgebrain) will be travelling to Bangladesh with Save the Children Fund to highlight the work they are doing in line with the United Nations Millennium Development Goals

Bottom line is, IT’S ALRIGHT FOR ALL OF US, we’re incredibly lucky, FULL STOP.

  • It’s alright for me because I don’t have to live on 64p a day
  • It’s alright for me because my children won’t be used as child labour
  • It’s alright for me because my home is secure
  • It’s alright for me because I have food in the cupboards
  • It’s alright for me because I have access to medecine & maternity care
  • It’s alright for me because my children will go to school & be educated
  • It’s alright for me because my children don’t live on the streets
Every year around 250,000 children die in Bangladesh before reaching their fifth birthday. They die from things that can be easily prevented or treated like diarrhea, pneumonia and infections and from lack of proper maternity care. Things we take for granted.

PLEASE Support Now!

  • Like me you can add the Blogladesh support badge to your site. You will find the code here.
  • If you’re on Twitter & Facebook get your #Blogladesh Twibbon here
  • Please, please sign our petition – it’s a Facebook app, sign up & support the cause.
  • You can blog about the issues and the Bloggers trip, remember to add your post to the linky here
  • Follow the ladies themselves on twitter, @porridgebrain @nixdminx @mummytips
  • Follow their blogs if you dont already.  This is where all of the action will be taking place when they are away. Josie is at Sleep is for the Weak, Eva is at Nixdminx and Sian is at Mummy Tips
  • There is also another very special lady with us in Bangladesh and that is Liz Scarff. She’s the mastermind behind our trip and she’s a totally awesome photographer who is going to keep us all on our toes. You can follow things from her side on her blog at Liz Scarff and on Twitter @Lizscarff.