I have never bought as much as milk as I have since having a baby now child in the house!  Until my early 20’s I didn’t drink either tea or coffee and my single days were spent with a preference for champagne, gin & tonic and the latest status cocktail to be seen with be it a Cosmopolitan or a Mojito!  My time in the USA introduced me to good old Starbucks and ten plus years of office life recruited me to the coffee / tea / team breaks.

I have a vivid memory and still the remnants of a scar on my leg from a herbal tea detox I was on which having spilt the boiling herbal tea (no milk just boiling water and a bag of herbs!) resulted in a second degree scold – that wouldn’t have happened had I been relaxing with a G&T rather than torturing myself and my body with a another diet fad!  Anyway diets, a post for another day, I apologise I digress… 

I attended parents evening this evening for my two year old H, at his nursery where he attends for three half days a week.  The nursery and the team are just wonderful, H and I love it and them, I cannot sing their praises high enough and developmentally he’s all on track – the right boxes all ticked – phew!  But it prompted me to get out the old toddler and child development books and read up a bit as I approach potty training and moving him from cot to a big boys bed etc.  Flicking through the different books I’ve come across some mixed thinking around which milk to give children after two, some say stay with full fat til 5 years, others recommend switching to semi skimmed from two, including the Food Standards Agency. 

I confess to being in a habit of buying and providing full fat milk and not giving the subject , being honest, really any thought.  With 4 litres of full fat, 2 litres of semi (for Mr!) and 2 litres of skimmed (for me!) in the fridge we have choices but I wondered what other mums were doing with their toddlers?  I’d be interested to hear your thoughts, views & experiences.

Below are a couple of links I found that maybe of interest to those pondering the same subject.