It’s pancake day and across the UK frying pans will be heating, batter will be made, some will be ruined, others successfully tossed, fillings will be piled on and fun will be had.  But … they wouldn’t taste very nice without the egg would they?  They wouldn’t be pancakes, would they? 

I was going to post our favourite receipes for fillings and then last week I heard a radio interview with a mother talking about how she has to send her child to school with pancakes made of just flour and waterbecause she can’t afford the egg or milk.  This family doesn’t live in Africa, they live in Manchester.  Please just spare a moments thought for the 1.6 million children in the UK that live in severe poverty, getting by on less than £134 per week.  That made me want to dedicate this post to all those who eat pancakes because they are cheap not because its pancake day.  All those who eat pancakes made from just flour and water where ever they are in the world because they have no choice. 

Are we having pancakes?  Yes we are and yes we are putting an egg in the batter.  In fact we are filling them most probably with ham, cheese & spinach then nutella, banana & ice-cream pancakes for dessert.  I am also giving time to reminding others that there remains a severe child poverty issue here in the UK.  If you want to do the same with your pancake post that would be amazing too, feel free to use this content with my pleasure. 

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