Do you know what?  I think I might be a mummy blogger!  Just a teeny tiny little bit of one!  Shall I tell you why?  Because it says so right here in the new Cosatto catalogue!  Oh don’t try to read it from the photo you can order your own copy for free here!

That's me that is!

So how did that happen?  Well I “met” @Cosatto_Tweets on Twitter who were searching for product reviewers (I reviewed the You2 double stroller).  You can take the girl out of marketing but you can’t take the marketing out of the girl, a great conversation with their creative director and I was back in the marketing consultancy saddle.  The rest is almost history, I tried to get a few mummy bloggers to write a post on pushchair jargon, there was a decent budget on the table £150 to write it, some bloggers were on hols, some committed to other pushchair brands, some had families that had grown out of that lifestage, some were just a bit shy and modest about their own blogging talent.  Unable to find someone, I did it myself.  It never made it to the Cosatto blog instead it landed a double page spread (pages 8 & 9) in the Cosatto Catalogue

Thank you Twitter!

My second favourite page, I have favourite pages its weird I know but I’m in marketing that’s how it is, are pages 22 and 23 all about Facebook and Twitter.  I love these the most because this is all from real tweets sent by Twitter Mums when asked “Why is twitter great for mums” so a very big thank you to everyone on Twitter who replied for their input. 

So that’s my news, I’m not very good at blowing my own trumpet but I do feel a bit proud that with a baby on my hip, a toddler at my ankles, a husband nowhere to be seen most of the time, I’ve manage to find and juggle a fantasic and very lovely client and be referred to as a mummy blogger.  So what do you make of that then?