Orchard Toys are a favourite here at Villa Lancaster and our collection has further grown since Diva G’s 2nd birthday.  In the Summer I approached some of my favourite brands product donations for Lil H’s school fund raiser in exchange for an ad on my site which ran over the last three months.  I wanted to also write this post as a further thank you to Orchard Toys for their support.  The event raised enough to fund some great new outdoor play equipment for the children.

Orchard Toys are toys and games we love to play and also to gift to others.  With Christmas just around the corner I am drawing up my gift lists and ideas, perhaps you are too?  Here’s a run down of our some of our favourites from Orchard Toys


The latest additions to the playroom have been the Under the Sea and Fairy Tales Jigsaw each with six two and three piece puzzles which my little Diva is mastering.  Her interest in and ability to do Jigsaws is much better than Lil H at the same age, she won’t be helped so she loves the personal success of being able to do these given “me do, me do” is her personal mantra at the moment. 

Lil H loves a game, as do I, I love the thought that he will remember us playing together as a family.  His first and still his favourite was game is Greedy Gorilla I gave it to him last Christmas when he was 3 years 8 months, its a fun way to teach taking turns, being a good winner and losing – thats a tough life lesson right there!  Greedy Gorilla includes a burping Gorilla – everytime is burps Lil H collapses in hysteria – I need say no more!  Tummy Ache, Award winning Shopping List and Incey Winsey Spider are also popular and regularly played.  As Autumn appears to be most definiately here now and wet, rainy days on the rise its great to have these in our playroom.

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