The island of Ireland is an incredible travel destination to visit. It has dramatic landscapes, rugged mountains, castles, unconventional places to stay, and stunning wild cliffs.

To fully appreciate the natural beauty of Ireland you have to visit Ireland. Articles, photos and words simply don’t do the full spectacular beauty of Ireland justice. 

The critical question is – how and from where to start?

Also, what’s the best way to explore Ireland to stay close to nature?

Well, the best way to explore Ireland’s dramatic landscapes is by driving along its roads. Ideally, tourists book a rental car and drive at their own pace.

If it’s a Family Road Trip or a short three days holiday, renting a car and driving on your own is always exciting. You’ll enjoy a stunning atmosphere and explore the best-hidden secrets of Ireland.

Ireland vehicle rental terms can be somewhat dubious, however the primary concern you should acknowledge is that you won’t be permitted to drive away in your Irish vehicle rental without some type of abundance insurance.

Why would that be a prerequisite in Ireland?

Since, for all its wide motorways associating the significant urban communities, Ireland is a nation of tight, winding streets fixed with hedgerows and stone wall. Thin town roads fixed with vehicles about assurance a mirror swipe with the shortcoming yours or somebody else’s.

According to a leading car insurance provider in Ireland, “Over 90% of rental vehicles in Ireland come back with a type of damage.”

It is advised to have comprehensive insurance for your trip, you’re even free to drive a borrowed car and stay protected.

Let’s now learn about the five incredible family road trip destinations to visit in Ireland. 

The Giant’s Causeway

Visit the Giant’s Causeway as your first stopover point. It is one of the overwhelmed touristic spots in Ireland where you’ll find countless visitors marveling around. You’ll see over forty thousand basalt columns formed from the lava that solidified after a massive volcanic eruption. They’re aged over sixty million years and stand tall as a natural wonder, genuinely awe-inspiring.

Visit the Ring of Kerry

For nature lovers and when it’s a family road trip, the Ring of Kerry is the most lauded spots in Ireland. Enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding nature encompassing around the Killarney National Park. As you take a scenic drive through this route, which is around 180km long, you’ll explore beautiful coastal landscapes and rural seaside villages for a memorable experience.

Ring of Kerry Ireland

Visit Fota Wildlife Park

The Fota Wildlife Park is an excellent family road trip destination for you to include in your Ireland Itinerary. Visit this place and discover over seventy exotic species free-roaming in their natural habitat. The most common animals you’ll spot are ring-tailed lemurs, wallabies, and giraffes.

Spend time exploring the Burren National Park

The Burren National Park is Ireland’s smallest national park. It houses the spectacular limestone landscape and also some of the rarest wildlife species. Look around to find wild butterflies, badgers, foxes, and stoats as you explore this area.

Visit the Marble Arch Caves

The Marble Arch Caves will remind you of the Game of Throne as it is the spot pictured out there. These caves have mangled passageways and hidden corners to explore. So visit the Marble Arch Caves and enjoy it.

There’re many stopover points when you are out for a family road trip in Ireland. We’ve, however, narrowed them down to a list of the five incredible family road trip destinations. So, visit these places and enjoy your holiday in Ireland.