Do you have a charm bracelet? I do, my daughter does and some special girls in my life do too! Let me tell you why.

My uncle bought mine for me when I was born and every year for my birthday I received a charm reflecting something from the last year to add to my bracelet. As a young child I was oblivious, then as I got older I looked forward to adding another charm, then it fitted and I started wear the bracelet for special occasions and now I absolutely treasure it.

Fast forward to when one of my best friends had her twin daughters. I knew exactly how I was going to manage being even handed with gifts, without adding to the playroom plastic fantastic, I bought them both a charm bracelet. They both have the same but their bracelets are  different and when their birthday’s come round I enjoy looking for the right charm for them rather than wracking my brains as to what to get. There’s a fantastic choice of bracelets and charms over at Kigu of London.

For me charm bracelets are more than just jewellery. Charm bracelets are a collection of memories that tell their own unique great life story. The story of you.

There are no do’s and don’ts when it comes to building a charm bracelet. Mix and match any combinations of charms. However, the most important rule to charm bracelets is that they should express the wearer. Select individual charms to reflect the sports they play, experiences, holidays and countries they visit making a charm bracelet as individual as their owner.

My bracelet was started back in the ’70’s (I know, I don’t look it!) but now there are lots of really amazing bracelets, beads, charms and hanging charms made from sterling silver and embellished with zirconia, Swarovski crystals and layered with the most luxurious gold or rose gold colours to create a really stunning bracelet.

Need some help to get started?

Life Milestones
Life is challenging and surprising at the same time. Consider a study book charm to celebrate graduating from school. How about a Sydney Opera House charm for your first visit to your dream destination in Australia? Or keep it simple with a charm to represent a sport or hobby.

Special Occasions
Put your most wanted charm on your birthday or add that limited edition Christmas charm to add to festive wish list. Don’t forget sweet 16th, 18th, 21st and anniversary charms. These occasions are special and meant to be remembered forever.

We all have our bad days. Sometimes, we need something that will remind us of our dreams and goals. Let a charm be your inspiration. Rule the world with our “I Will Survive” bracelets or ward evil away with our evil eye bracelet to remind you everything will be alright. Keep it simple with a lucky clover charm to bring you some good luck in a new job or adventure.

The Number One Rule
Choose charm that symbolise the wearer and the things that they are passionate about. An artist’s palette pendant charm for the budding young artist, a music trinity pendant charm for the musicians, or maybe a camera charm for the aspiring photographers. Building a charm bracelet is a gift that keeps giving and a tradition that I hope the girls I have build them for will pass on to their own families. Instead of buying all the charms in just one go, do it over time, one-by-one and it will be extra special for telling a unique and personal story with a charm bracelet.Tell Your Story With A Charm Bracelet