Are you on a budget but still wanting to create a more modern space? Then the below post will give you some quick, affordable and easy ways to help you accomplish this. If you are happy to keep your existing kitchen layout, then you can reduce the amount of expenditure dramatically. When you begin to move your cupboards, plumbing, walls and electrics the costs really start to stack up. With the more you can do yourself, the more money you will be able to save.

Another way to keep your budget down it to reuse your appliances, if they are functioning great then they may just benefit from a cleanup. Before throwing your kitchen sink out, consider getting a gentle abrasive cleaner which will help bring back the shine! Not only this but it will help save your money rather than spending it on a new tap.

The best and easiest option for a budget makeover is to use paint. You can instantly freshen up a tired and gloomy space by putting some bright coloured coats on your walls, doors, ceilings and window frames. If you are going to be painting over timber panelling, you will need to give it a stain or tannin blocker first, any DIY shop will be able to supply you with this. Not only this, but they will be able to give you advice on the best paint to use for your kitchen.

Moving onto your kitchen cabinets, if they are still structurally intact but are a little outdated or a hideous colour. You can simply paint or replace the doors, drawer fronts and even the hardware ( such as adding soft close ) for a smaller amount than replacing the entire cabinets. With most kitchen cabinets being a standard size, replacement doors can be easily found and be placed on your existing units.

If you’re not confident with painting your cabinets yourself, you should consider having your kitchen sprayed by a professional. This option may be cheaper than replacing the doors, not to mention the finish will be professional and long lasting.

Worktops and splashbacks seen better days? Then don’t panic, there are a number of options you can go with and the best part, they won’t break the budget. The first option is to replace the lot, with a number of low options now available to purchase, with a large amount of them being DIY friendly.

Another option is that you can resurface your tops, with a number of great products available from your local DIY shop. Your tiled splashbacks can be given a whole new look by simply applying some tile paint and your worktops can be given a ‘stone like’ finish with a resurfacing kit.

Finally, you can spend a smaller amount on polished chrome outlets & light switches. As well as, window dressings such as faux wood venetian blinds ( not only look great, but are incredibly durable in moisture filled environments! ) and light fixtures.

You really don’t need to spend a lot to make your kitchen modern and fresh!

About The Author 
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