When you first get married, it’s hard to imagine just how quickly time will pass, and how much the two of you will weather together. Marriage is a union that is meant to grow stronger and more meaningful each and every year, and is something that should be celebrated especially on those milestone anniversaries. And what better way to celebrate a milestone anniversary than renewing your wedding vows in a romantic destination such as Mykonos, Greece?

Maybe when you first got married you didn’t have the money available for the fancy wedding you hoped for, or the dream honeymoon, and now is the time to make it happen and celebrate all you have enjoyed together. A wedding vow renewal ceremony is an excellent way to re-connect in front of friends and family, and solidify that union once again.

To ensure that your vow renewal ceremony in Mykonos is all you hoped for, here are some tips and advice you can keep in mind.

Book Yourself Luxury Accommodations

While the focus of your trip will ultimately be on the renewal of your vows, it’s the accommodation that you book that will truly set the tone for the trip. Rather than book into the typical standard hotel, why not make this a trip to remember and opt for something that oozes privacy and romance, and features stunning views? That is exactly what you’ll get when booking a private villa through Blue Villas.

Blue Villas feature some incredible options in Mykonos, allowing you to pick the bedrooms, bathrooms, and the number of guests the villa will accommodate. If you have invited friends and family for your Mykonos wedding vow renewal, then one of the larger villas that accommodates 10, 12, and even 15 people may be ideal. It will be as though you have your own private resort with you and your loved ones, so this might be the option for your wedding vow renewal.

Besides the fact the villas are large and luxurious, many also have their own pools overlooking the ocean, they are in prime locations close to attractions and dining, and yet they are far enough away from town to provide relaxation and peace.

Wear the Dress You Wanted to Wear the First Time

The great thing about a wedding vow renewal is that there are no rules, and couples don’t tend to feel as pressured to follow tradition. The first time you got married there are all kinds of pressure around what you wear and finding that “perfect” wedding dress. Well, this time around you can throw all those expectations and rules out the window, and choose the dress you feel comfortable, beautiful, and confident in. Whether it’s a wedding dress, a brightly coloured sundress, or matching bathing suits, it’s all about you and your spouse.

Personalise the Vows

Another way you can make the vow renewal special is to personalise the vows. While there is nothing wrong with using the standard wedding vows, at this point in your union you have learned so much about each other, and probably been through a lot. You may want that to reflect in the vows you read to one another. This will help to make it all the more special and memorable.

Plan a Wedding Dinner or Meal

It’s also a nice touch to make plans to celebrate your vow renewal with a meal, whether it’s just the two or a whole host of family and friends. Because Mykonos is known for such incredible food and drink, it can be nice to pick a local restaurant where everyone can sample the local dishes. If possible, plan ahead and speak to the restaurant manager about making reservations so you can be ensured a prime location.

What About Photos?

Just as you did with your wedding, you may also want photos and even videos to capture your vow renewal. If you’re travelling with friends and family, perhaps you could designate one as the “official photographer”, or you could hire a local photographer on-site to ensure more professional photos. If you go the route of a professional, it will need to be booked well in advance since Mykonos is such a popular wedding destination.

Consider Hiring a Vow Renewal Planner

You’ve probably heard of a wedding planner, but did you also know there are wedding vow renewal planners? It really isn’t that much different, as it’s the same type of event. Hiring a professional planner means you don’t have to be the one calling ahead, making reservations and booking, and dealing with the headaches of planning. It can be much easier to coordinate with your planner from home and let them take care of all the legwork.

A Trip You Won’t Forget

Each of these tips will help you to plan a vow renewal in Mykonos that is all you hoped it would be, and that will celebrate your union the way it is meant to be celebrated.