We moved house six months ago, its a house of “potential” built in 1961 and updated in the 1980’s – its great size, great location but in need of updating.  However with the mahoosive cost of the move we have to put up with how it is whilst we recharge the savings and make our plan.  The reality is lots of bits are very tired, old and even when cleaned still look grubby if not dirty.

I am no domestic goddess on the best of days and knowing given a fair wind I will be knocking down the majority of the house and redoing the lot I have even less motivation than the neglible level that is my norm!  LimeLite asked if I’d like to try their Limescale remover for showers – given I have showers with limescale, that of other peoples I hasten to add and its promise of being easy peasy and quick I gave it a whirl.

All I did was unscrew the pretty useless shower head, add the stuff, leave for 2 minutes and voila!






Not only does it look a whole lot better and less skanky (it had previously been bleached to no effect) the shower actually has a bit more oomph.  LimeLite lives up to its claim to some power back in the shower in my opinion and I will be using it again.

LimeLite Limescale Remover Spray, RRP £2.55

For further details and stockist info: http://www.lime-lite.co.uk/products.php?id=3