I’ve known since November that we are going to Disneyland Paris. It’s been a secret that I have been desperate to tell my two.  At almost seven and four and half years old they are too little to know too soon.  So I decided a month before was a good balance of anticipation, planning, excitement and countdown.  To manage my own excitement I set about planning how I was going to tell Lil H and Diva G and decided on a Disney treasure hunt.  Now Lil H is a fully fledged reader, Diva G can open the clues and H can read them out.

I loved planning the reveal, I loved how much my little people loved the treasure hunt (even though they had never thought there would be something at the end of it, let alone a trip to Disneyland!) and now I really can’t wait to go!  I am head down in planning our five day adventure which is now just a few weeks away – all tips gratefully received!

Here’s how our Disney themed treasure hunt revealed our Disneyland Paris holiday.

photo 1a

Clue number 1
To start the adventure you’ll need to find a Space Ranger. Who says “To infinity and beyond”?

Upstairs they went to Lil H’s bedroom to find Buzz Lightyear who was holding clue number two…

2.  If you find Cinderella’s shoe you will find clue number two…

Downstairs to the playroom to find Diva G’s Cinderella’s dressing up shoes and clue number three …

3.  For clue number three you need to find someone who lives in the sea. This someone lives with his Dad Marlin in an anemone…

Back upstairs to our bathroom where pretty much the entire cast of Finding Nemo live, and Nemo was there looking after clue number four.


4.  You’re getting good! Your rookie days are over! Time to get in the fast lane and motor… like a bright red racing car who’s best friend is Mater – “Ka-chow”

A little pause as my two couldn’t remember Lightening McQueen’s name initially but they knew to head to the box of cars in the playroom. Back downstairs they went and sure enough in the box of cars in the playroom there was clue number 5.

5.  This one is a little shy, can you guess who, to find the next clue? She has big round ears peeking out from behind a giant bow. Long lashes on big smiling eyes. A dress with dots in red and she’s in love with a mouse named Mickey…

Back upstairs to Diva G’s bedroom to locate Minnie Mouse and the next clue which guess what? Brought them back downstairs!


6.  Olaf the snowman likes the Winter to stay inside and cuddle, put him in Summer and he would be a puddle. Now think, where would Olaf hide in this house?

Minnie Mouse had joined the hunt after the last clue and when Olaf was uncovered in the freezer he too joined the hunt as they headed to the kitchen to solve the penultimate clue.

7.  Mirror, mirror on the wall which is snow white’s least favourite fruit of all?

And there amongst the apples in the fruit bowl was the final clue…

8.  Stay up straight and stay together. Now follow the string where ever it takes you. When you get to the end you will find your surprise!

I had tied string from the front door, around the cars on the drive, up the street, round around a lamp post back around Mr L’s van, into the back garden around the trees, through the climbing frame to the back door, back under the slide, through the car and under the archway around and up into the climbing frame.


They followed the crazy orange trail of string all the way into the climbing frame where there was a parcel for each of them.


They popped out of the climbing frame den with their parcels, slid down the slide and opened their golden envelopes which contained letters to reveal their surprise.

Disneyland Paris Holiday Reveal Letter for Boys

Disneyland Paris Holiday Reveal Letter for Girls

It took a few moments for the reality to sink in and a lot of “are we really going?” and the rest of the day was spent getting more and more excited!  They loved their parcels which contained Disney autograph books, Disneyland Paris 2014 T-shirts and Disneyland Paris placements so every mealtime they are reminded and we chat about what we are going to do.


We really can’t wait!  Have you been?  What are your must do’s and top tips, tell me what I need to know!

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