When we bought our house we got a garden with it.  I am a garden type person in that I like to sit in the garden and enjoy a G&T.  I have no idea what to do with a garden.  I have no idea what plants are what, do well where and when or how to cut them back.  I do not know the difference from a plant and weed, with the exception of nettles!

Birds Eye sent us a “grow your own” kit – thank you, you spurred us on!

Growing kitLil H especially loves growing things so with the help of my dad we set about growing some peas, carrots and sweetcorn and we got off to a good start.






New territory for me this growing your own but we’re doing alright, the sweetcord seeds didn’t grow at all but the peas and carrots have – look – are you impressed?

2012-06-17 grow your own

Next up will be the harvest and the eating!  There are lots of helpful videos on the Birds Eye You Tube channel for anyone else growing their own they are worth a view.