I would do anything for my children, this has been proven many times, starting with pregnancy and labour.  More recently by watching a Batman movie.  This wasn’t any old Batman movie, this was The Dark Knight Rises (DVD + UV Copy).  Warner Brothers sent us a copy and at 12A it was infeasible that it would be suitable for Lil H at the grand old age of five and a half but I promised him I would watch it “please mummy just to check” – bless him!

Mr L couldn’t wait to view the movie so a date night in the living room with a bottle of red and Batman it was!

My verdict “Well, one minute in and I can’t believe its only a 12A and not an 18!  Genuinely gripping action packed story, great twists & turns.  It is one of those movies you are compelled to see to the end to find out how on earth its going to end.  Fantastic cinematography and special effects.  Honestly I didn’t expect to like it.  I would never have chosen it.  I loved it!”

Mr L says “An excellent movie, thoroughly enjoyed it. Not so sure a comic book should have progressed past the point of being suitable for children.  Highly recommended viewing.”