I spy blanket

I spy with my little eye 56 squares that help a journey go by! I wanted to share these fab “I Spy Quilts” my mum made Lil H and Diva G. This is Lil H’s lots of his favourite things including pirates, footy boots, trucks, tractors & bees, the owls and spiders are my favourite!
20130108-231838.jpgEach block is a different fabric using loads of different colours, images patterns and fabrics, my two love their little quilts. Diva G’s has mermaids, rabbits, ducks, fairies, cakes, bees & stars but the flip flops are her and my favourite!
20130108-232409.jpgThese “I spy” blankets live in the car, the children use them to cuddle up in, to count things, to find things, I challenge them to keep them entertained and *cough* stop them falling asleep! “Find me something yellow”, “find me a spider”. They make fantastic gifts, Grandma made a really big one for Lil H’s pre-school when he left to start in reception and it’a loved and used by many. We love our “I Spy Quilts”, thank you Grandma! We hope you like them too.20130108-234450.jpg

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  1. Ruth @summerlandc

    Claire these are wonderful and such a great idea.
    I’ve made some quilts for my little girl and an I-spy one will be next on the list.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. admin

    Thanks Ruth, sadly I haven’t inherited my mums sewing abilities, I am going to start sharing some of the beautiful things she has made on the blog for others to see. Cx

  3. Claire @ Bad Fiction

    Impressive! Brilliant idea!

  4. Jen aka The Mad House

    They are brill. What a lovely thing to have

  5. Sarah

    Love these :)

    I’ve got talent mother and mother-in-law in the sewing department, and father-in-law is into carpentry, model engineering etc. The toys & items they’ve made for #boy10 are still treasured now.

    We’re very lucky to have these traditional items – we need to up-skill so we can do this for our grandchildren ;)

    Do share some more :) x

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