I have had a personal one to one battle with the mulluscum virus “molluscum contagiosum” over the last six months or so. I discovered what I originally thought was eczema under my 3 year old daughter Diva G’s arms, they looked like this:
A few little pearly blisters under her arms became a few more which spread to a few on her body and to the top of her legs. They seemed to come and go and until they started to increased in numbers and a few get a bit red and infected I didn’t give them much thought. I say it was my battle because Diva G was unaffected by their presence but I was vain on behalf of my little princess and they are unsightly, especially when infected. I was told by the GP’s they could only treat the infection and the mulluscum would go in six months to two years. TWO FREAKING YEARS!! Are you kidding me? Sorry no, I wasn’t accepting that it’s 2012 for Christ’s sake, surely there’s a treatment? Apparently not.

I searched online, asked the conventional, alternative, UK and US based dermatologists and was unanimously told the same thing “it will go of its own accord.”  For me that’s just not good enough, Diva has beautiful sun dresses and party outfits which expose her mulluscum and it just doesn’t look nice at all. As much as I tried to check my own maternal vanity on her behalf, the time came when the spots spread to the top of her inner thighs and they would rub, bleed and hurt her. Another unsuccessful trip to the GP followed and I parted with £25 online for Forces of Nature mulluscum control treatment “No More Mulluscum”.  As well as being extremely expensive for 11ml it didn’t work for us.  At first it seemed to work but it was impossible to apply to just the papules and made the rest of her skin surrounding the mulluscum really sore.


I was keeping the recurrent infections at bay with prescription medication but mulluscum is a stubborn bitch, but then, so am I!  I did however feel quite helpless, the doctors, Google and my twitter massive had  no more suggestions to try.  Then I discovered a local to me, mum run business LJ’s Natural Solutions who creates her own natural and organic skin care products initially from her kitchen table.  I emailed with Lisa who suggested I try her Organic Scratchy Balm made originally for and named by her daughter.

After a week of using it at bedtime there was a visible improvement, which continued to improve and heal the skin, three weeks later and I went to apply the scratchy balm and there is no more mulluscum to apply it to.  It has gone!  LJ’s Natural Solutions Organic Scratchy Balm healed Diva G’s mulluscum so if you are fighting the same mulluscum battle I have been or similar eczema or skincare challenges I highly recommend LJ’s Natural Solutions, the Organic Scratchy Balm which we used cost £8.95 which is amazing value for money.

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