Get gifting purchased by end of November and any pressies to be posted on their way by the end of the first week in December.

Get a good box set and allow four evenings for wrapping – Dexter – Seasons 1-5 Complete [DVD] was my choice for 2012!

Getting together with good pals from far away before Christmas was great fun, using the time between when the kids break up before Christmas was lovely.

Polar Express

Popcorn and movie night to mark the start of the Christmas holidays with The Polar Express [2005] [DVD] [2004].

A magical movie which taken you on a roller-coaster ride serving you hot chocolate by singing waiter in this holiday classic.

Plan the food, plan the food and plan the food – before you buy the food!  Otherwise too much will be bin bound – an expensive mistake in 2012.

Stock up on Calpol, Infant Neurofen and cold and flu medications – be prepared – its wouldn’t be Christmas without Calpol!

Having a relaxed approach to Christmas day and by relaxed I mean no sit down meal until Boxing Day works.  An immense buffet is the way forward and I got to enjoy them opening & being excited by all that Father Christmas brought.

Choose a boxset or two to see through the festive season, there is time and the TV schedules get some quality programmed viewed of your choosing.

Getting together with good pals after Christmas would have been fun too – make a new year plan that’s not at home when Christmas is at home.  Four different walls would have been a welcome change!   Have already had a chat with Independent Travel Expert Laura Featonby and Lanzarote and Egypt are under consideration, although the house project may command the £’s!  

A January dryathalon is a good idea!  Day 17 in 2013 and not a drop of alcohol has past my lips!

Here’s to an amazing year and Christmas in 2013!