Carton Bird FeederThe introduction of the silver recycling bins in our area have made me very aware of how much milk, apple and orange juice my family, by family I mean almost exclusively my children, drink!

I blogged before about some of our recycling creations making milk bottles into fabulous Elmer Elephants

Fruit juice cartons can be easily turned into fab bird feeders like this one.

This is another inspired craft creation that Diva G has brought home from pre-school, its currently residing in our backgarden.

Here’s the “how to” if you fancy making your own bird feeder:

  1. Cut out the front and back of the carton so you can see through it
  2. Stick lolly sticks to the top to make a “roof”
  3. Paint the carton
  4. Cut an X or a small hole on the other side of the roof to the spout
  5. String a fat ball underneath the carton through the spout and the X you cut in the roof.

Juice Carton Bird Feeder