With his first term under his belt I am delighted to report that his school coat is looking as good as the day it we got it.  Lil H will give you a twirl!

Lil H Best Ever School Parka

Not only does it look great, keep him warm and dry but Lil H can do it up all by himself.  I have always liked Ladybird clothes and was gutted when they disappeared with the demise of Woolworths but they are back at Littlewoods.  I can’t believe how “like new” this coat still looks as it is has been subjected to the very best, and worst, a 4year old boy can give it including:

  1. Rolling around on the floor – for fun, for effect, for a reaction!
  2. Wind, Rain, Sleet, Puddles and Mud
  3. Being worn just by the hood as a cape
  4. Being used as goal posts
  5. Being thrown on the floor
  6. Being used as a lasso
  7. Being scooted and/or  ridden over
  8. Having its pockets filled with stones, sticks, conkers, leaves etc.
  9. Being worn low slung & slouched down to elbows, accompanied by “Muuum, I’m hot” (in the snow!)
  10. Being swung by the arms usually accompanied by “Muuum can you carry it”

This coat fits great, is waterproof, windproof, warm, wipes down, washes and tumble dries like new – I hope to goodness they keep making it as I would have this coat again, and again and again.  So mummy friends don’t forget Ladybird is back and stocked at Littlewoods!

Oh and its not just boys stuff that’s great, Diva G’s uber stylish and owner of over 100 pairs of shoes I kid you not, Guide Mother, sent her this beautiful  knitted dress outfit from Ladybird, which has again washed a dream and withstood the stresses of a 2yo toddler.

Ladybird Dress Cardigan

Lil H’s Ladybird Parka is available from Littlewoods from £34.00 or could pay just £1.70per week
Diva G’s knitted dress is available from Littlewoods from £10.00 or could pay just £0.50 per week
Diva G’s knitted cardi is available from Littlewoods from £8.00 or could pay just £0.40 per week

Thank you to Littlewoods who sent us Lil H’s school coat to review – we love it – 11/10 … and no that isn’t a typo, that is eleven out of ten!