Barbie_Pink Shoes_DVD_3DPackWe’ve had a pre-release copy of Barbie in the Pink Shoes to watch for a couple of weeks – Diva G aged three already owns five times as many Barbie’s as she’s had birthdays so I was confident and correctly so that this would be enjoyed.

It’s a straightforward movie – it’s about Barbie, it involves ballet, shoes and a lot of pink.  If you are three this is:  THE. BEST. FILM. EVER.  If you are the adult in charge of a three year old this DVD will provide 1hr 12  mins of entertainment to your little one so you can get some stuff done!

The story has a nice “never give up” message to it  as its about a girl who never gives up on her dancing dream.  Barbie™ stars as Kristyn, a ballerina who dreams of one day joining an established dance company. She longs to dance just like the troupe’s lead dancer, Tara but no matter how hard she tries, her performance always seems to lack that special something. All this changes when she stumbles upon a beautiful pair of magical pink ballet shoes that take her on an amazing adventure to a fantastical world of ballet.

Kristyn and her friend Hailey encounter magic and mystery in this wondrous land but of course there is a baddie and this land is ruled by an evil Snow Queen.  They must dance like never before, through their favourite ballets, to defeat the evil Snow Queen. Only then will they find their way back home in time for the big performance. Inspired by her magical journey, Kristyn performs the iconic dances of Giselle and Swan Lake but with her own flourish and wows the big ballet company. Dancing like the star she is on this magical ballet adventure, Kristyn realises that when you dance from your heart, your dreams come true!

Barbie in the Pink Shoes is the latest installment in the fantastical adventures of Barbie™ available on DVD and Blu-ray from 18th March 2013 The DVD and is available to pre-order now – a great chocolate alternative for an Easter gift.