I have to confess to being a bit of vain mum, not about myself, but about my little ones.  Buying nice things for them to wear makes me happy.  I know shop to excess for them, they don’t get anything like the wear out of their clothes that the price would demand because they have so many clothes to choose from and sometimes stuff is gorwn out of before its worn as they grow so fast.  It is a self indulgence, I know it is, it could even be an addiction as I genuinely can’t help myself.  I just love them looking great in fab outfits. 

A few months back Dribblebuster sent me* one of their Baby Dribble bibs in pink gingham for Baby G.  As a company they’d only just started as Lil H was born we had passed the dribbling stage with him when I first heard of them so they were new to me to try.  We have used it lot when teeth are coming through and Baby G’s chest is “perma wet”!  We also use it to keep nice outfits nice between getting dressed and arriving somewhere – its the vain mum in me.  Lil’ H spent the first two years of his life going through as many a six tops a day because this Mummy was too vain to put a bib on him over his lovely outfits which was a laundry nightmare.  With Baby G we use her Dribblebuster’s to keep her dry and her rocking her gorgeous outfits.  Dribblebuster also sell another my favourite bibs the Silly Billyz Long-Sleeve Bibs which are a must have in my opinion especially if you are taking a baby led weaning approach as we have with Baby G.  Here is Baby G modelling her pink gingham Dribblebuster bib with one of my favourite reversible Sophie 4 Sophie dresses.

Baby G models pink gingham Dribblebuster

* Disclaimer:  Dribblebuster sent me one of their Dribble bibs for free.