Baby G will soon to referred to as Diva G when she turns two in a few weeks time.  Part of the reason we call her “The Diva” is her obsession with shoes!  No really!  Her second word (after “Mummy”) was “Shoes” she genuinely adores them.

I may be to blame having popped in a Jimmy Choo box for a newborn photo opportunity – well you’ve got to haven’t you?!


My little Diva spends most of her time changing shoes her own and into other peoples.  Wellies are popular as are Lil H’s crocs, especially given a sibling kick off will follow.  Her favourites though are anything sparkly or with a high heel.  So on the basis the heel isn’t too high if you can walk in it and she spent almost an entire day rocking my black work wedges, I’d say she’s born for stilli’s?  What do you reckon?

This post was written for the prompt “Shoes” for this weeks The Gallery – swing over to Tara’s to see loads more lovely posts!