If you are interested in a career in mental health services you will find numerous job opportunities in the UK.

Typically mental health professionals support people with mental health issues and provide the services they need to help them live a fuller and more complete life.

They also help educate the community and general public about mental health disorders and thus create more acceptances for those suffering from mental health conditions.

Mental health professionals truly make a difference in people’s lives. They are often first called in when people are in crisis and they help stabilize the situation and provide an environment where the individual can receive appropriate care.

Ongoing treatment is also provided and where necessary pharmaceutical drugs are prescribed to help the individual moderate and improve their condition.

There are a wide variety of mental health jobs so it is important to do your research and network with people who are in the specific occupations that interest you.

1. Psychiatrist

Psychiatrists are medical doctors who have specialised in the assessment, diagnosis and on-going treatment mental health issues and disorders. As such, conditions they might treat include schizophrenia, dementia, bipolar disorder and depression.

Typically a psychiatrist may focus in specific areas such as general adult, child and adolescent, old age, intellectual disability and medical psychotherapy. They may also specialize in forensic psychiatric care in prisons and secure hospitals.

As a psychiatrist you will usually work directly with patients suffering from mental disorders. During the intake process a thorough evaluation will be completed and risk factors will be assessed.

A treatment plan will be developed, and may include both medical and psychological interventions. Often the psychiatrist will work with an integrated team to provide the care a patient needs.

 2. Mental Health Nurse

Mental health nurses are directly involved with patient care and are often able to offer specific feedback and observations about the patient on a regular basis.

Since they work with the patient more often they need superb observation skills and must be very empathetic to the patient’s needs and condition.

Their primary role is to help the patient recover or to adjust to their condition so that they may lead a more complete life. As a mental health nurse you may work with patients in varied settings such as community health centers, outpatient clinics, residential units or even the patient’s home.

3. Primary Care Graduate Mental Health Worker

Primary care graduate mental health workers help support individuals with mental health issues. They can provide a wide set of treatments and advice and counsel to people who have common mental health disorders.  Examples of such issues would be anxiety and frequent panic attacks.

This job is an entry level position that allows for future advancement in the field of mental health care. As part of your duties you may treat people with approved therapeutic approaches, maintain accurate patient records and run new mental health programs.

If you are seeking a career where you can have a big impact on someone’s life then you should consider a position in mental health services. The caring you offer to patients in need will make a substantial difference in the quality of their lives.