It would appear that I never throw them away.  What is even wierder is that I also seem to buy them.  What’s that all about?  This afternoon I have been clearing out and packing up the cupboard my “office” (there are no windows, you can’t stand up in it but there is a desk, a PC, a printer and its ok to work sat down!)

A long, long, time ago, when “the office” got relocated due to arrival of Baby G there was an orderly box to contain wrapping paper and the like.  Over time this got so full it split, its contents sprawled, got added to and has become a mountain in the corner of gift bags, tags, wrap and ribbons.  Got a birthday – head there – everything you need for wrapping but guaranteed there won’t be either or scissors / sellotape.  They are a separate house wide hunt.

Chucking everything that is unusable I started piling up the gift bags.  I stopped counting at 50 and filled a MASSIVE storage bag.  New baby, Baby Boy, baby girl, First birthday, Christmas, Wedding, Second Birthday, Third Birthday, Fourth Birthday, Generic Birthday, extra large, extra small, middle sized, wine ones, car ones, toy story ones, pirate ones, fairy ones, glittery ones, noisy ones, you name it I HAVE GOT a gift bag for it or with it on – look!


Why?  I have more gift bags than most shops – anyone else a secret gift bag hoarder?!