Yesterday we moved house.  After nine very happy years, one wedding (ours!), two children (ours!), countless parties, celebrations and hangovers it is time for a new family to live here – we hope you will be as happy as we have.  Over the years we changed, remodelled and decorated every part of Lancaster Towers, I love what we did and whilst I’m excited about a new project and blank canvas to start again with it has been a great home to us, let me show you round … this is where we were:





Welcome to Lancaster Towers, the first thing we did was laid wooden floor throughout the ground floor, on the diagonal something a bit different.  Through the living room into the dining conservatory and out into our courtyard garden, all our plants are now flowering and they’ve come with us to the new place but never have I had to do any jobs in the garden at the weekend.  Those days are over, but boy there were good!





At the front of the house is the twenty-thousand swear word kitchen, whilst the process of getting this kitchen was, well utter nightmare doesn’t come close, my goodness its good, like really, really good.  Whilst small all the modern storage solutions and systems made the most of every centimeter, we moved the washing machine upstairs to make more room, oh and  I had a kettle tap, instant boiling water – LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!  What do you think?





Upstairs we go to the first floor, note the stair lights on every other step – bargain – £75 on eBay and Mr L fitted them.  Here’s the children’s bathroom, we did this at the same time as the kitchen, a mistake in hindsight.  The big orange hammock is a toy hammock from Ikea I use it for bath toys, I’ve left it for the new owners as it goes with the bathroom.  Its about 99p but I am definitely getting another one.  Underfloor heating also cleared up children’s bath time splashes quickly, also on the must have list for the the place.

Then Lil H and Baby G’s bedrooms – can you guess which is which?!





Up to the second floor and this is where the magic happens *snort* well we collapse in a heap of tiredness, watch telly, surf the Internet, plan holidays, stress about things big and small – you know the usual.  The en-suite is probably about 7 years old, but I still love its natural theme and the pebble border remains one of my favourite things in the house.





So there you have it a through the keyhole look at our before house – where we were – what we did.  The move went smooth, right back to 1961 with some 1984 highlights, a big garden to keep us busy and now, now I’m off to choose paint.  The plan is to get H and G’s bedrooms painted and the playroom set up and then move them in.  So far so good – so what do you think?  Let me know your thoughts, what should I do again do differently?  Cx