Ice Lollies at the park on the way to the airport were a terrible idea.

Lil H’s obsession Star Wars and being called “Luke Skywalker” is neither a cute nor funny development stage at airport security. *checks passport* “Hello H” – “my name is Luke” *atmosphere freezes instantly*

I can talk at a million words a minute when a mam in uniform at an airport thinks I’m a child trafficker.

Airport car parks are extortionately expensive, especially you lose your ticket.

Mr L will never be allowed to take responsibility for a car park ticket again.

The colour of your bucket & spade is of life threatening importance if you are a one year old girl and said bucket & spade is not pink and as such will be treated with an appropriate level of high drama.

There is an exception to the pink bucket & spade rule – a bucket & spade can be any colour if it has “Hello Kitty” on it.

The quality, sun protection and cost of a sunsuit is irrelevant if it does not have “Hello Kitty” on it then it will not be worn, even if the “Hello Kitty” sunsuit is cold and wet that is the preferred option. Wingeing about it being wet & cold is a given!

37yo’s sense the temperature of the Atlantic to be Baltic.

4yo’s sense the temperature of the Atlantic to be bath-like.

Wetsuits are a wise investment for children and adults holidaying in Cornwall.

I am poor at applying suncream on myself and others, don’t ask me and do help me.

An Estee Lauder hydrating face mask overnight applied to children is an effective, if expensive, solution to mild sun burn!

The decision to bring the booze left over from the naming day was inspired! Prosecco anyone?