Daddy Cool Fathers Day

Nice image, hey? It was sent to my by Links of London where the Father’s Day gifts start from £50 with Sterling Silver Collar Bones and include a Chicane stainless steel watch for £450.  Seeing as I am “borrowing” their image because it made me smile I thought I best mention them 😉

1, 2, 3 and we are back in the real world, well my world anyway.  The world where Father’s Day gifts come in the form of breakfast in bed made by small people and a lie is maybe til 10:30am anyway.  Before we get too carried away with Father’s day lets just cast our minds back to March and Mothers Day. 


*Still thinking* 

*Looking blank*

*Aha!  Recall*

Ah yes I was on my own so my day started after a broken nights sleep around 6:30am, where I made breakfast for the children and ate the leftovers and then cleared up afterwards – the rest of this post is cancelled due to lack of requirement for Fathers Day.

But I did rise above and return to blog my Father’s Day gift idea’s  and they are here