I don’t think I have told you much about my other half have I?  Well Mr L works in shop fitting, he works with teams of shop fitters who have through their own gobsmacking – *palm, face* “they did NOT” actions have gained themselves the endearing title of “Chimps”.  There are many, many, MANY, stories about “The Chimps” and tonight I was treated to a new one.

So there I am in the kitchen busying about getting the kids tea ready …

Mr L:  I wish I had a blog, I could write all my chimp stories up.

Me:  Why?  What’s happened?  If its any good I’ll blog about it and see if anyone is interested.

Mr L:  Its just last night after the night shift, I was finishing up the paper work & I said to one of the chimps go and get a flask of tea for the journey home.

     Chimp:  No problem & off he scurried with the flask. 

Mr L:  So I finished up and headed back to the van to see him heading back to the van with the flask.  Great, we have tea and can get straight off home.  In we jumped and headed off. 

[Me:  Can you move I need to get in the fridge, I am still listening… ]

Mr L:  The chimp then says..

     Chimp:  They didn’t have any tea in the canteen. 

Mr L:  I said that’s OK, coffee is alright. 

     Chimp:  They didn’t have any coffee either. 

* Note Mr L starts laughing as he is retelling this at this point *

Mr L:  So I am worried about what the hell is in the flask!  So what have you made? I asked the chimp!

    Chimp:   Well they had some onion gravy granules so I have made a flask of onion gravy. 

Mr L, Me, The Universe:     *   SILENCE   *   *  LAUGHTER   *

    Chimp:  Its just like that posh French Onion soup you get. 

Mr L, Me, The Universe:     No, no its NOT!

What’s extra amusing to me is that this chimp he applied and been refused to go on “Come Dine With Me” FOUR times… what’s your starter Bisto and Bread?!