Just Vlog It!

This Vlog is my entry to the “Just Vlog it!” challenge set by Karin over at Cafe Bebe and Heather over at Notes from Lapland. The challenge is to TEACH US SOMETHING. So here for your delight is my attempt to teach you something I learnt through Twitter – how to hold a baby in the “Tiger in the tree” position.  This Vlog features yours truly and also stars my glamorous assistant & maximising on the cute points, the thumb sucker extraordinaire, Baby G!

And this folks I believe is post number 99 in my blogging career so I really better think of something poignant to say next time – any requests?!

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11 Responses to “Just Vlog It!”

  1. Wendy Mallins

    aww that was such a lovely vlog! I didn’t enter just vlog it because I couldn’t think of anything to teach anybody!!!

    Baby G gorgeous… broodiness brewing actually!

    And you are so lovely & such a yummy mummy! :)

  2. Heather

    well there you go, I didn’t know it had a name! My little girl pretty much lived in that hold for the first few weeks of her life and i spent countless hours waling around and around our house – i’m surprised I didn’t wear a trench in the floor! Excellent video! did you email it to the just vlog it email address by the way, we can only accept one that are emailed to us so we can find them all the judge them on Wednesday.

  3. Anne Glyne-Thomas

    How adorable is your girl!!!!
    I had no idea the hold had an official name. We call it the ‘Aunty Jane’ in our house, in deference to my lovely sister who is a talented baby whisperer.
    You are indeed a yummy mummy!
    Anne x

  4. Cara

    Loved it!
    You must have very strong forearms?
    Baby G looks as though she is really accommodating of your work, just letting you get on with it very nonchalantly and laid back.

  5. Claire (The Bump Wear Project)

    Baby G is just too fooking cute!!! Great glamourous assistant!

  6. Karin @ Cafe Bebe

    Delightful my love! Your gorgeous girl gets marks for being adorable! Thanks so much for the effort! Much appreciated my dear…
    :) Karin

  7. Muddling Along Mummy

    Great vlog ! Particularly taken by your glamourous assistant !

  8. Jendi

    Loved it! Bet your arm muscles are a lot stronger now.
    She is definitely a glamorous assistant.

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  10. jay

    Brilliant! I knew of that position, but didn’t know it had a name and everything! That was a great vlog (and Baby G is GORGEOUS. My Little Small is a thumb sucker. It enhances the cuteness, I’m pretty sure of it. Heehee). Well done you!

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