Dear H,

In April we celebrated your third birthday.  Three years ago you made me a mother and those three years have disappeared at light speed. 

You will always be my baby boy although now you are a little boy.  There are few glimpses of that baby left now, even your most scrumptious fat knees have been run away.  You are a laid back guy, a funny, friendly guy and you have lots of friends.  You no longer have a dummy and you sleep in your own single bed all night.  You have a contagious, verging on dirty, laugh and boundless energy.  You love swimming and go every week with Grandpa.  You love reading and go every weke to the library with Grandma.  Your sister Baby G adores you there is no one funnier in her world.

Your favourite things are your scooter at which you are exceptionally good at and scarily fast, you don’t know it yet but you will also be getting a helmet next week!  You love reading stories, “The elephant and the bad baby” and “Dinosaurs love underpants” are your current favourites.  Everything Toy Story has been your favourite for nearly a year now, especially Woody.  To celebrate turning 3 years old we had a Toy Story cake, table cloth, napkin, plates, cups, balloons etc.  You love playing with water and eating pizza, broccoli trees and chocolate. 

Such a lucky 3 year old boy!  Lil H you are now are the proud owner of a garden playhouse, your own garden deckchair, an easel, lots of paint and crafting things, pop up goal posts, a light sabre and an England football kit (that’s what Uncles are for I am told!)  A keyboard, electric drums (these can be turned down and off !) and the Happyland castle.  Your imagination is running riot right now so we bought you lots of dressing up hats so from one minute to the next you can switch from policeman to pirate to knight to fireman to superman and you do for hours on end. 

I love our conversations, when grown up  phrases come from your mouth it has me laughing for hours like when you respond to a question with “of course you can” or when you told Daddy last week “hurry up, you’re killing me!”  I could cry with love when you imprompted you hug your baby sister and say “I like your dress, you look really pretty”.  I love that I have been able to work from home and be with you during your earliest years.  I love us spending time together. 

I made you and you made me back.  I love you always my Lil’ H.

Mummy x