Last year one of my favourite sites Bambino Goodies posted a fab guide to sand and water tables, I meant to blog about mine and here we are *cough* one whole year later – better late then never eh?

Maybe this is me starting to say goodbye to my house and home, maybe, have read, tell me what you think – when it comes to the house move is it a Take it or is it a Leave it?!ย 

We don’t have a lot of outdoor space at Lancaster Towers, a courtyard garden if you will. But we do have a “water play table” at Lancaster Towers its origins are a little more orginal and I’d like to share.ย  You see we have a Butlers sink, I reclaimed it from the garden of a house my property developing Dad was renovating. For many years it has been a faithful member of our household keeping wine and beers chilled during extended bank-holiday-weekend-long barbeque sessions. It still does from time to time add some Sauvingnon Blanc and chillax. But mostly, mostly it is filled with empty plastic milk bottles, water wheels, watering cans, toy cups and tea pots. My children and their friends LOVE it and us mummies, well it chills wine, we LOVE it too. End. of.

I just wanted to say you can still have a water play table in the smallest of gardens and I defy you to find one in any store that doubles as a wine cooler! So what do you think?ย  Take it or leave it ?!