My two take packed lunches to school / pre school. Typically these are a sandwich, wrap or crackers, a fruit squeezy, a yoghurt, a biscuit and a fruit smoothie to drink.

We’ve recently been trying the newly launched Vita Coco Kids in Apple & Blackcurrant and Pineapple & Mango flavour and they are getting a thumbs up from the Lancaster’s. As the weather is getting warmer the naturally fruit flavoured water is more thirst quenching than the usual smoothies, often they will ask for a second smoothie.

Mum says …

  • They’re all natural, no added sugar, colouring, preservatives, flavourings or concentrates – I like this!
  • There is less than half the sugar in the Vita Coco cartons than our usual smoothies – I like this!
  • The kids thirst is quenched by one carton so they drink fewer – I like this!
  • They cost less than the usual smoothies we buy – I like this!
  • The kids like them – this I like the most!

I had already discovered Vita Coco, I’m a big fan of green smoothies for breakfast. Here’s my favourite green smoothie breakfast recipe (makes 2):

1 head of pak choi, roughly chopped
1/2 papaya
1/2 mango
125ml cold water
280ml coconut water
1tbsp ground raw flax seeds
1tsp spirulina / ‘supergreens’ powder

Simply whizz everything up in a blender & enjoy!