The old social life has been more than neglected / non-existent since October and Baby G’s arrival.  But I am starting to sort that out and catch up with Mr L and friends sans enfants.  I mean proper grown up going out, yes I mean at night and not during nap times.  Going out that involves proper getting ready – make up, hair, nails, outfit, accessories – all this is still a nightmare as I still have baby weight to lose so not a great deal of clothes that fit to choose from but I need social time, time away from mummy life more than fretting about my outfit. 

So last weekend a couple of friends and I headed out locally for a night out to a local place Panacea in AlderleyEdge.  If you live locally to me you’ll know it’s a new/old place.  It was The Braz, the epitome of Cheshire life at its most affluent, new owners totally refurbished it in to a sparkling new Bar and Restaurant Panacea in 2008 which unbelievably was closed by a major fire just 5 days after it opened!  I never managed to go to the first version and it reopened again last Summer.  I went in December 2009 to celebrate my Birthday and had a “got home at 2am night” of greatness!  My evening there last week was my second visit and was just as good!

It was Friday night, hair & make up done, earrings, bags, silly high shoes, best dress on off we rolled.  My night out pass started at 7:30pm I was by the door ready to go at 7:29pm and at the bar by 7:40pm – I am serious about this reclaiming my social life thing! 

Mrs P was with me on the sharp exit and we installed the glamorous versions of ourselves at the bar for our first well deserved cocktail of the evening.  I had a Panacea Breeze and Mrs P had a Gin Paloma long, refreshing & lovely.  When Mrs G joined us looking all foxy in a little black number we ordered three martini’s, well it would’ve be rude for us not to join Mrs G in a cocktail starter!  We headed to our table, enjoyed our cocktails and debated the menu.  It was tough, the menu is great, check it out I didn’t have the goyza last time but my friend did and I remember being a teensie bit jealous so I went for that followed by the lime and pepper tuna steak.  Two great bottles of wine and a really good laugh accompanied the meal, the highlight of which was the dessert, we had a sharing plate of all the desserts, nom nom nom nom … check this baby out!

Left to right we have :  Belini cheesecake, chocolate pudding, strawberry trifle, key lime pie, creme brule.

The night didn’t end there, oh no, (perhaps it should have!) “a gin & tonic” – why not?!  Then we went upstairs for, my bill advises me of, two futher champagne cocktails.  I was unable to resume my mummy duties until lunchtime but my goodness it was worth it and I can’t wait to go again! 

  • Illness:  I was tired of being mummy.  I was tired of having no answer when asked “what have you been up to”.  I was tired of never having any reason to get dressed up and go out.  I was tired of being a tired mummy. 
  • Medication:  Panacea pan·a·ce·a – n.  A remedy for all diseases, evils, or difficulties; a cure-all.

That it most certainly was!  Until next time!