OK so first time abroad with kids and off we went to Egypt with Lil H 35 months and Baby G 5 months old.  There were lots of things I was unsure about but my number one point of anxiety was sterilizing Baby G’s stuff.  She’s a bottle fed girlie these days and I microwave/steam sterilize her bottles at home but this isn’t an option in a hotel room over 2,500 miles away from home! 

I asked lots of people “how did you do it” and they just said its dead easy, a lot of people were self catering and used Disposable Sterilising Bags which didn’t help me.  It was something I wanted some reassurance about and I was fretting a bit about but the reality was a doddle – it really, really was and I think that’s why there’s no information but as a mum doing it for the first time I was anxious about it. 

So this post is for me one month ago because I’d have really appreciated it!  So if someone out there is feeling like I did about going abroad and takling sterilizing without the home comforts of a microwave here for your delight is me in my hotel bathroom in Egypt! 

A quick disclaimer – I had had a couple of beers in the sun – simples!