Every car on the road has its own set of issues and Jeeps are no exception. Although they are very reliable cars, the various Jeep models run into some issues from time to time. Some of these issues affect some models more than others, but you should still know about them if you are intending to buy a Jeep. To help you out, here are some of the most common issues Jeep owners face and how to deal with them.

The Death Wobble

This is probably the most well-known issue among Jeep owners. This wobble happens at high speeds when the steering wheel vibrates and shakes violently such that it becomes harder to control the vehicle. The death wobble issue is caused by the solid front axle.

Jeeps have one axel connecting both front wheels which means any vibrations on one wheel are transferred to the other. The best way to deal with and prevent this issue is to ensure the suspension and steering wheel are not loose.

Second, you want to ensure the wheel hubs and tie rods are not worn and do not have any play. Also, check the Panhard rod and track bar as these can go loose and cause this wobble. Lastly, ensure the wheels are aligned.

Evaporative Emission System Leak

The Evaporative Emission System (EVAP) is a sealed system that stops fuel from leaking into the environment through evaporation. This system has to remain closed and sealed because gasoline is very volatile and will evaporate even when the car is not turned on. This means your car could be polluting the environment without you knowing it.

When you have an issue with this system, a p0456 code comes up, and is registered by the vehicle’s Powertrain Control Module. This code is caused by a leak in the system and any number of components could be the culprit. To know the exact cause of this issue, you can use a diagnostic scanner. The Carly Universal OBD Scanner is a diagnostic tool that helps you catch potential issues with your Jeep so you can repair them. The accompanying Carly app connects the scanner to your smartphone so you can diagnose potential issues yourself. Find out more about what is the cause of P0456 over at the Carly website.

Wind Noise and Water Leaks

Water leaks are a common issue in Cherokees and Wranglers, and they usually happen around the doors and windows. Wind noise is a related issue because both issues stem from problems with your door and window seals. These seals can get work or loose as you drive.

The solution to the leaks and noise is replacing the seals. The second is to ensure you are careful when putting back the top of a Wrangler as a misalignment will lead to leaks.

Although reliable, Jeeps do come with some issues that car owners should know about. These can include failure of some systems, or issues that affect the drivability or manoeuvrability of the vehicle. With proper maintenance, however, it is possible to reduce the occurrence of these issues.