Most people would like to have nice eyebrows, but not everyone has been blessed with naturally full and well-defined eyebrows from birth. Some people may feel like they’ll never get there and that there’s nothing that they can do, but there are plenty of things that can make thin or over-tweezed eyebrows look better. It’s a question of both finding proper solutions and treatment and avoiding mistakes that make your eyebrows look worse than they should. Let’s take a look at a few ways to get better-looking eyebrows.

Leave Your Brows Alone

Overplucking is probably the number one reason for thin, uneven eyebrows. So, if you’re noticing that your eyebrow hairs are getting scarce, stop plucking them right away. Tweezers shouldn’t be used to shape your eyebrows anyway. They are fine if you want to get rid of rogue hair here or there, but you’ll need to use other techniques or see a professional if you want to make drastic changes in how your eyebrows are shaped.

Get High-Definition Brow Treatment

If you don’t know what a high-definition brow treatment is, it’s a technique that uses a combination of threading, waxing, and colouring to give you picture-perfect highly defined brows. This is the perfect option if you have thin or patchy brows and is a technique that is used by many people in the modelling industry as well as in entertainment.

A good eyebrow specialist will be able to fill in gaps using cosmetics and create a perfect brow based on your face shape. This will give you a perfect yet natural-looking finish. While many salons will offer the service, we suggest that you go with a beauty salon Oxford that specialises in the procedure and has been performing it for years. Don’t hesitate to ask for before/after pictures and footage of their professionals performing the procedure on clients.

Moisturise, Nourish, and Protect Them

A lot of people are unaware of how much of an impact moisturisation has on the look of their eyebrows. If your eyebrows are starting to thin out, moisturisation is what will prevent them from getting even thinner and might even foster growth.

If you’re using a facial moisturiser daily, you can try applying a little on your eyebrows at the end once you’re done moisturising. You have to make sure that it’s a non-comedogenic (non-pore clogging) moisturiser made for the face only, however.

You should also know that there are serums made specifically for eyebrows. Eyebrow serum works like skin serums and delivers important nutrients to the eyebrows. They could make your eyebrow hairs look thicker and shinier. Once you’re done, you should lock in moisture by applying a thick layer of coconut oil or petroleum jelly over the brows. Another thing you could do is try tinted eyebrow gels. These will give your eyebrows all the moisture they need and will instantly make them look fuller.

If your goal is to get full, well-defined eyebrows, follow these few tips and consider seeing a professional right away. You should also stick to a strict eyebrow maintenance regimen without overmanipulating them.