When building a house, or just doing some repairs, there are a number of things that if done incorrectly they can cause you a lot of problems down the lines. One of the main things you that you must make sure are installed correctly are your windows. If your windows are installed incorrectly, it can cause you a lot of hassle, so here is a guide to the importance of having properly installed windows.

Let in a breeze

One of the most important reasons for having your windows installed properly is to avoid any breeze from getting into your house. If windows are installed incorrectly there will often be gaps or spaces left between the frame and the window itself. Although these gaps may not be visible, they can often let in any breeze or cool air from outside. Having correctly installed and fitted windows will allow you to avoid this annoying issue. A great way of avoiding this issue altogether is to have made to measure windows installed in your house. Made to measure windows do exactly what their name suggests. These windows are specifically made based on the measurements of your house, therefore there will be no gaps of spaces.

Saves you money

Believe it or not but have correctly fitted windows will actually save you money. As just mentioned, having poorly fitted windows will allow any type on breeze or gust of air into your house. This will make your house feel cooler, leading you to turn on your heating more often. Having your heating on constantly can be extremely expensive. Another cost saving reason to have your windows installed properly is that you won’t have to pay to get them replaced. Replacing your windows frequently can be a huge expense, that any homeowner wishes to avoid. Therefore, if they are installed correctly the first time, you won’t have to have them installed again.

Safety feature

Windows that are not fitted correctly can actually be quite dangerous for your house and your belongings. If your windows are poorly installed, it means they are weaker and easier to move than properly fitted windows. Having correctly installed windows which have been fitted by a professional will add an extra safety feature to your home. When windows are fitted correctly, they are actually harder to break into. This is because they are sealed tighter together and are harder to remove. Professionally installed windows typically come with a lock and key, which can only be used from the inside. This will allow you to lock your windows, meaning they can definitely not be opened from the outside of your house. 

From reading this quick guide, hopefully you will be now aware of how incorrectly fitted windows can cause a lot of problems within your house and why it is so important to have them installed properly. So next time your windows need replacing, or you just fancy changing them up, make sure that they are fitted correctly.