Autumn, the season that marks the transition from summer to winter, undoubtedly brings in a lot of joy, laughter and happiness. Why? Well, with the change in season, early nights and the weather getting cooler, most of us tend to spend more and more time indoors, and with our loved ones. Everyone wants to be snuggled up in the warm, watching the world outside the window slowly turn to winter.

This is also one of the perfect excuses for a lot of us out there to update our homes with new accessories and hues that are inspired by the season of autumn. I’ve listed some ideas to help you stay stylish but keep cosy this Autumn.

Get New Throw Pillows

The drop in temperature makes us want a cosy living room with a cosier sofa, and plush throw pillows are certainly one of the ‘must haves’ that will make it happen. Keep it interesting with a wide variety of colours, shapes, and sizes. Just ensure that you pick the right set of pillows so that they aren’t just comfy accessories but also a great means of adding a lot of warmth in your room.

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Layer Area Rugs

Want to add colour and texture to your floors? Why not try layering area rugs then. They are also an excellent choice if you want to avoid touching the tile or wooden floor with your feet, plus who wouldn’t enjoy the plush, extra cushioning and warmth that the rugs offer. Try cow hide, reindeer and / or sheepskin rugs, I have recently discovered Snug Rugs who offer great value, warm and practical floor coverings for just about any room. You can try out different variations and all of them should work as long as you ensure that the bottom rug pokes out a bit to show the layers.

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Change To Winter Friendly Shades

With summer slipping away, it is time to do away with those breezy curtains and bamboo shades. As winters will be approaching soon, you may want to insulate your home a bit more and add to the natural cosiness of your rooms as well. Duette double accordion pleat blinds has a honeycomb construction that helps block heat in and also absorb sound, making them the ideal choice for retaining heat during the cooler months as well as keeping rooms cool when summer comes back round.

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Cosy Up The Patio

Autumn weather offers us perhaps the most comfortable evenings of the year and your favourite outdoor spot can be a great place to spend them. Patios and decks are just great for those lovely outdoor meals with your friends and family. In case the weather gets chilly, an outdoor heater or blankets are great for staying warm.

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Time For Winter Bedding

Last but not the least, you should now store away your summer quilts and bring in the much needed thermal blankets and comforters. A good comforter would not only keep you and your family warm during the cold nights but also help you save some money at the same time, since you’ll be too snug to even think about walking across the room to turn up the heating!

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Staying warm can also mean staying stylish with these few tips, experiment and see what keeps your home the cosiest this autumn! Share your thoughts about what is on your home wish list this autumn on a comment below…

This post was contributed free of charge by Shanon O’Donnell, a student writer gaining some online writing experience.