We all said we wouldn’t be the ones giving our children phones, tablets, and laptops; however, the time does come when the only way we can think of to find some much-needed peace and quiet for ourselves is by giving our children technology, this can be the most appealing option to many of us.

Whether you’re an avid reader yourself or struggle to find the time to settle down with a good book, reading is a great hobby to introduce to your children. Try using different tactics such as a book subscription box or audiobooks.

If your child is someone who hates reading and struggles with the concentration that it takes, read on for some of our top tips to get your children interested in books!

Find out why

One common mistake you could be making when you are trying to get your child interested in reading is that you might misinterpret their struggling to read for just hating it. Make sure your child is given books at their level, a challenge is good, but it would be bad to leave them feeling frustrated over the difficulty of their books.

Create a good environment

When sitting down to enjoy a good book, one of the best ways to make sure that you keep your focus and continue reading on is to make sure you are in a comfortable environment. Creating a den for your children could be all the push they need to get into a good book.

Get them involved and make it a fun activity; grab blankets and cushions to really make a cosy spot that they will be excited to go and sit in. It doesn’t have to be big or fancy, and often a cosy spot on the floor with plenty of pillows is enough to make it that bit more exciting.

Set aside a certain time for reading

When it comes to your children’s free time, it’s understandable; they might reach for a game’s controller or for an action figure before they reach for their books. One way to work on this change is to designate a certain time for reading. Try each day to get your children to be familiar with a set reading time. A great time to pick is just before bed. Reading can be a great way to help you sleep better, so you have this added benefit.

Find out who likes what

It seems too obvious to say that you have to check your children will like the types of books you are giving them to read, but it’s a good idea to make sure they have tried a variety of different book genres to pick their favourites.

Try them on a range of books with different themes to see what they like. A great way to get children engaged in reading is to start with a funny book; as soon as they start laughing, they will be sure to want to carry on reading.

Have books around the house

It’s good for children to decide when they want to read as well as trying to have some structured reading time in their day-to-day lives. This helps mark it as an activity they should really enjoy and be able to have access to whenever. Having books dotted around the house, by their bed, by the sofa, or anywhere else they like to sit will help them become more familiar with reading time.

Try audiobooks

Although not technically reading, listening to audiobooks is a good way of introducing children to reading. Try starting with an audiobook and then moving over to reading books.