As a parent, it’s always a very proud day when one of your children moves out of your home and into their own for the first time. It’s an especially big moment right now, as the pandemic has meant that we have either spent much more time with our kids than we had planned, or far, far less. Now that your child is moving into their own place, you’re obviously going to want to make sure that they’re all set up and have everything they need. Here are a few things that they may not have thought of…

Kitchenware Beyond The Essentials

Every student leaves university with a certain amount of confidence in the kitchen, but it seems fair to say that their go-to’s may be limited to what you can cook in a frying pan. If you’re looking for a good moving-in present that doubles as something useful, then you should think about gifting them something along the lines of a vegetable steamer, a good chopping board, or even a casserole dish if you want to be reassured that they’re not going to be living on bacon sandwiches.

Ways To Brighten Their Home

If you have already had the experience of helping a child move into their first home, you will know that their first priorities tend to be centred around getting the broadband installed and the TV set up.

What they might be a little less focused on are the little things that can really brighten a home. A potted plant can be a great gift if you can be confident that they are going to water it, but some good lighting can also make a real difference. LED bulbs will also cut down on their energy bills and last much longer than several of their alternatives, which they will thank you for later! There are a wide range of different bulbs available for a wide range of different spaces and purposes, including B22 lights from

A Reminder To Keep The Place Clean

With all the love in the world, we know that our kids aren’t always the best at cleaning up their own messes around the house. And while we are all prone to letting things turn into a bit of a tip every now and again, it is important to remind the child moving into their new home that their parents aren’t going to be there to pick up after them every time.

So, make sure that they have what they need to keep their new place in good condition. We’re talking about a new vacuum cleaner, some cleaning products for under the sink, and a laundry basket so there’s no excuse for letting it all pile up on the floor!

A Reminder That They Can Always Reach Out

It’s been an incredibly tough year for everyone, but it’s important to remember that leaving home can be a rocky period for some. Make sure that your child knows that they can always give you a call if they need to, and that just because they’re leaving home, doesn’t mean you’re not still there to help.